Airbnb in 2023

βœ‹ Episode 5 βœ‹

Two successful entrepreneurs get to know each other, pitch each other ideas that they think would make a good business, then judge each other’s pitch as being either a Cash idea or a Trash idea.

This week I sit down with Short Term Rental Operator Eugene Fanfan of Wealth 100 (see his Linktree – to talk a little about the #airbnb business, and then get deep into some business ideas that would go well with that kind of business. But are they #trash πŸ’‘’s or #cash πŸ’‘’s?
Watch, then you be the judge.

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For all episodes and more, go to and let’s talk trash together πŸ€‘.

P.S. If you’re interested in getting into the short-term rental game or building upon a real estate business you may already have, you should really check out this Padsplit Model, it’s affordable housing made simple.
(yes it’s a referral link AND it’s also what I’m personally into, so click it why don’tcha?)

Check out this episode!

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